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ACTIVLAB HMB 1250 120T- one of the most popular supplements among athletes. HMB is a bioactive substance that in small amounts is present in consumed meals. Produced from L-leucine in the human body, and this one has many important roles. ACTIVLAB HMB 1250 tablets work not only on the increase of muscle mass, by preventing the breakdown of proteins, but also affect the increase of strength and intensity of training. In addition, HMB is known for its strong fat burning properties. And that’s because they stimulate the body to draw energy from fat resources. Thanks to the vitamin B6 content, the preparation relieves the effects of stress. ACTIVLAB HMB 1250 is a very simple composition, but a comprehensive operation.



– Prevents the breakdown of proteins
– Supports the increase of strength and muscle mass
– Supports fat reduction
– Enriched with Vitamin B6

MB (ß-hydroxy ß-methylbutyrate) is a bioactive substance, present in small amounts in food, and also produced by the human body from the amino acid L-leucine, which plays one of the most important roles in the human body. HMB has a comprehensive effect on the human body, making it one of the most popular and most commonly used supplements by athletes. Its undoubted advantages include strong anti-catabolic action preventing the breakdown of body proteins.

In addition, thanks to the anabolic training effect increased by more than 50%, it greatly facilitates the increase of strength and muscle mass, it also participates in the process of creating muscle tissue. HMB has a strong fat burning effect (by stimulating the body to draw energy from fat stores), increases the condition of the body, improves muscular endurance and aerobic capacity. It also protects the body against the adverse effects of stress, long-term physical efforts, and helps to relieve the condition of late life.

Portion: 3 tabs
Servings per container: 40
Packaging: 120 tabs
Nutritional value in 3 tabs
Ca-HMB 3000 mg
Vitamin B6 4.2 mg

On workout days: 1 tablet for 30 minutes before exercise 1 tablet after exercise and 1 tablet per night. On non-training days: 1 tablet per night.


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