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OLIMP – HMB is a preparation containing HMB, or hydroxymethylbutyrate, which is a branched fatty acid that occurs naturally in food in small quantities. Scientific research has proved that HMB, which is a component of OLIMP – HMB, significantly contributes to the increase in the rate of muscle growth, as well as to reduce body fat in the body. The use of OLIMP – HMB contributes to the accelerated synthesis of muscle fibers, which results in the more effective acquisition of muscle mass, and the production of many types of proteins involved in the combustion of fatty acids. Supplementing OLIMP – HMB makes the training results much more satisfying because they come faster and are more spectacular.



HMB from Olimp

HMB (hydroxymethylbutyrate) is a bioactive food ingredient from the group of short-chain branched fatty acids, considered by some sources as a vitamin-like factor (with a similar effect to vitamins), naturally occurring – in small amounts – in food, as well as produced in the human body, in the effect of the transformation of one of the branched chain amino acids – leucine. The results of numerous studies show that supplementing the HMB diet may contribute to facilitating the development of lean body mass – through the positive effect of this compound on the accumulation of muscle proteins and the reduction of adipose tissue.
Literature sources suggest that HMB has such a course of action due to:
– activation of kinases – enzymes that act as secondary messengers of information in protein synthesis processes
– cooperation with kinases in the activation of initiation complexes, starting the stage of protein synthesis called elongation
– inactivation of catabolic enzymes that degrade muscle proteins
– activation of steroidogenesis – steroid synthesis pathway, including anabolic steroid hormones such as testosterone
influence on PPAR activity – receptors for fatty acids, stimulating the synthesis of red muscle fibers and production of many proteins involved in the transport and combustion of fatty acids.

Serving size: 1 cap.
Servings per container: 450
Packaging: 450 capsules

Nutritional value in 4 capsules / in 8 capsules / per 100 g
Ca HMB 2500 mg / 5000 mg / 84.46 g
including HMB 2000 mg / 4000 mg / 67.57 g

1-2 capsules 4 years old – before breakfast, before training, after training and before bedtime.


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