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TREC hmb 100ml is a conditioner, which can not be missed by people striving to build pure muscle mass.
HMB in liquid form is one of the best assimilable forms on the market. TREC hmb not only positively influences the increase in lean muscle mass, but also contributes to fat burning. It will be great as a diet supplement not only for athletes, but also for people working on their dream figure. TREC hmb accelerates fat burning because it uses fatty acids as a source of energy. Positively also affects regeneration after training. Comfortable form and advantages speak in his favor.



1. What is HMB?
HMB (B-hydroxy B-methylbutyrate) is a short-chain fatty acid that is formed in the body with leucine (one of the amino acids). HMB in liquid form has the highest concentration of pure HMB from 95% to 99%. It has the form of a thick and very acidic liquid.

2. How does HMB work?
HMB (B-hydroxy-B-methylbutyrate) is an effective alternative to unauthorized doping agents – it supports the growth of muscle tissue while reducing body fat. The human body after every effort, with prolonged stress and as a result of inadequate diet triggers a catabolic process destroying muscle proteins, thus reducing muscle mass. To counteract this, the human defense mechanism produces hydroxymethylbutyric acid, popularly called HMB. Its task is to protect muscle proteins against breakdown and stimulate to draw energy from fat stores, which results in faster and full muscle regeneration, and at the same time a significant reduction in body fat. HMB significantly increases the efficiency of consumed proteins. Using HMB, you can limit your daily protein intake up to 1 gram per kilogram of body weight, while maintaining similar results as during a high-protein diet.

3. What can be achieved using HMB?
HMB activity should in no way be compared to creatine, which is very fast and strong, but after a few weeks it weakens. The use of HMB primarily guarantees a constant and long-lasting increase in muscle mass, because there is no hydration of muscle cells, and the increase in weight is dictated by the synthesis (building) of new muscle tissue. Using HMB, you can achieve about 1-2 kg of lean muscle mass within 6 weeks with simultaneous reduction of body fat. Thus, after six months, a permanent increase in 4-8 kg of lean muscle tissue can occur.


Serving: 1 ml
Servings per container: 100
Packaging: 100 ml

Nutritional value:
in one serving
packaging 100ml
The content of one portion of 1ml
Beta-hydroxy Beta-methylbutyrate 1ml

The recommended portion of the product for consumption during the day is 3 ml (90 drops). On training days: HMB in the liquid is best taken in the morning after waking from 0.7 ml to 1.0 ml (30 drops) – preferably after waking up, immediately after training and before sleep. On non-workout days: HMB in the liquid is best taken 3 times a day from 0.7 ml to 1.0 ml (30 drops) every 6 hours.

Attention!!! Do not use the preparation without dilution.
A single portion of the product (30 drops) should be measured with a dropper and dissolved in a minimum of 100 ml of liquid (preferably juice)


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